Girl Power [to a new level]

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A tribe of around 150 women calling themselves Asgarda seek complete autonomy from men. From the Ukraine, a country with a higher – than – normal rate of sexual trafficking and gender oppression, the Asgarda tribe live in Carpathian mountains reviving the tribal traditions of the Sycthian Amazons, who are their geographical ancestors. They train in martial arts, learn science and life skills in the view of becoming ideal women. They dream of a world where women live walled from men, separating them entirely from the alternate sex. They are also supporters of the ‘Fatherland’, party of the Orange revolutions iconic Yulia Tymoshenko.

French photographer Guillaume Herbaut spent two weeks documenting the lives and training of the women. They look pretty hardcore;


Take Heed

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You live in interesting times…interesting times are always enigmatic times that promise no rest, no prosperity or continuity or security. [In our age] there coexist a number of incompatible forces, none of which can either win or lose … never hashumanity joined so much power and so much disarray, so much anxiety and so many playthings, so much knowledge and so much uncertainty.

– So relevent for today, Paul Valery, 1932.


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The Beatles – I’m SO tired