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A new dance style born off the streets, combining hip hop, body popping, ballet and god knows what else.

les twins at the world of dance 2010


Turf Feinz



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…a book written by Alvin Toffler  in 1970 which describes a psychological state that affects individuals and entire societies when ‘too much change too quickly’ is experience. This guy also popularized the term ‘information overload’.

Talk about being bang on point 40 years before your time.

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Metronomy – The Look

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Toy Story 3

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It’s a pretty big statement to say the 3rd was better than the 1st, but this just might be the case with the Toy Story trilogy. The graphics take on a life of their own in this hilarious tale. What is particularly great are the innuendos which cater to the parents of the millions of kids who went to see it in the cinema; the dinosaur sex scene and the librarians assumption that ken is a cross dresser when he sees barbies feet sticking out of his moon suit. Woody and Buzz are still the central characters fighting against the new villain in the form of a big, pink, strawberry scented bear called Lotso, whose theme music is reminiscent of old mobster flicks. He is smooth, charming, and completely ruthless; and rules over Sunnyside with an iron paw.

Even the small sideline characters are  funny; from the three little peas who play inside Mr Potato Head, to Bonnie’s set of toys, including Mr Prickle Pants, a melodramatic, thespy hedgehog. Ken and Barbie are a hilarious duo, both as ditsy and effeminate as the other.

Things get a lot more dark with Big Baby, who serves as Lotso’s muscles with a broken eye and creepy baby noises.

As Woody is about to leave Bonnie, a sweet little girl who finds him outside the care centre in a failed attempt to escape, he is informed of Sunnyside’s dark side by the thespy hedgehog and Chuckles, a morose clown who explains Lotso’s story, a misty, nostalgic flashback to their tragic past – “something changed that day inside Lotso, something snapped”. The abandoned trio of Chuckles, Lotso and Big Baby fall upon Sunnyside, taking over the utopia with Lotso as dictator. Woody has to choose between his friends and Andy. He of course goes back for his pals, who are locked up in draws/cells, under the strict watch of Captain Lightyear. Mr Potato Head has been tortured after a night in the box [the sand pit] in the company of 2 turds who he mistakes for Lincoln Bars. Woody devises an escape plan, which is ingenius as all the toys and their various skills are employed in this animated Great Escape; Mr Potato Head gets outside by leaving  behind his large head and sticking his characteristics on a chapati, Barbie tortures Ken by ripping up his collectible outfits. Buzz is turned onto spanish mode, whose theme music, subtitles and slinky moves brings the underlying romance between him and Jessie to the fore as he romances her with swivelling hips and over-active eyebrows. The hilarious cliché of the spanish lover, akin to Antonio Banderas’ lispy performance in Zorro, contrasts perfectly with Buzz’s other all American side.

The last stage of the dramatic adventure comes after the crew are tipped into the rubbish truck. Trying to escape the trash crushers and infernal fire of the rubbish stream presents the most dramatic moment of the film, when all the characters stop scrambling and face certain death, seconds away from being consumed by the flames. A surpringly dark moment, which relates to the overriding theme of the passing of time/changing ownership. They are thankfully saved by the claaaaw of the 3 little pizza planet aliens [ref.Toy Story 1].

What has to be applauded in this film is the hilarious characterisation; voices, music and expression. The toys get a fond farewell from Andy, who gives them all away to Bonnie for some serious playage. The film is outstandingly funny, and a perfect ending to what has become pillar of the disney-pixar partnership. The characters celebrate the joys of a fresh start at the end after facing down their own mortality and liberating Sunnyside from its evil oppressors. All is rosy.

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