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The site Wikileaks has struck again, publishing 250,000 memos to the US government from its emisseries and embassies around the world. I am not so sure the extent to which people should expect transparency of the government. Though i am definately not suggesting that some of the actions reported should be condoned, i think it is a strange concept to inform the public of every act of government, as the context is so hard to understand. Governments make mistakes, but very few people know or understand what is actually going on, however everyone seems to find air time to criticise.

Maybe a smidgen of benefit of the doubt? I mean, we are all alive and…quite well, no?



So Marilyn Manson is apparently quite talented…

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Bruce Gilden

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Bruce Gilden is a bad ass street photographer whose black and white images of mobsters, prostitues and criminals are an amazing blend of professional portraiture and off-the-cuff images. He uses a flash which means his subjects are alerted to his presence which is rare for street photographers.

He has documented Manhatten since the beginning of his career, but has also travelled across the world, photographing a huge variety of different people and situations.

The beach;

voodoo ceremonies in Haiti ;

New York;

Japanese yakuza;

Russian criminals;

and my personal favourite;

Chico & Rita

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Just saw this awesome animated film about jazz in Cuba. Chico is a super talented piano player and Rita a super sultry singer. Theirs is a love story which endures 47 years of separation, as snake hipped Rita sashays her way to the Las Vegas strip, while Chico is deported back to Cuba because of a meddling pal.

Designer Javier Mariscal really excels himself with the cityscapes of Havana, New York and Las Vegas.

The colours of the film lend themselves beautifully to tropical sensuality that permeates the story of this hot blooded romance. The glorious soundtrack by Bebo Valdés doesn’t hurt either. Music from heroes such as Thelonious Monk, Cole Porter, Dizzy Gillespie, Freddy Cole and Tito Puente features. It is the music of the movie which ties the story together, as the love story is a side for the crucial moment in history when Cuba sunk under the communist revolution, and when musicians from the island joined their American counterparts, creating a unique fusion which would define this genre of music for ever more.

Adult animation is very hard to achieve – a lot of people are skeptical about animated films but Chico & Rita confirms my strong belief that they can be just as moving, sexy and entertaining as any other genre. Salutations to Fernando Trueba, who won an oscar for Belle Époque in 1993.

Click here for the soundcloud of the sountrack.

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Laid Black – It’s a Pity

Gorillaz – Crystallized [xx cover]

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me gusto…

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Jason deCaires Taylor

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Jason deCaires Taylor is an artist with a very unique and wonderful vision. Brought up in among the reefs of Malaysia, a fully trained artist and scuba diving instructer, he has combined his love of the sea, the environment and art to create some truly incredible installations. Being a graffiti artist as a teenager sparked off an interest with art in public spaces, which led him to the concept of his underwater projects. Each individual sculpture is carved out of cement, and lowered into the sea using cranes.  The first of these projects was finished in 2006 in Grenada, West Indies. His underwater scultpure parks are wonderous not only because of their mesmerising beauty, but also thanks to their simbiotic relationship with the sea. You see, Mr deCaires Taylor only uses substances which are compatible with coral, so that his sculptures will eventually become coral reefs. Not only is this hugely beneficial for an environment which is being steadily crippled through disrespectful and harmful practices, but it also lends itself beautifully to the aesthetics of the project, as their transformation from stone scultpures to beacons of coral is a splendid one to watch. Another important aspect is perspectives; objects appear 25% larger underwater, and thus also look clsoer. Colour is manipulated as the depth, current and movement of the water changes, and so the figures are in a constant state of transformation and, despite their leaden weight and solid structure, are not at all inert, but alive and evolving.


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While M. Le Pen was serving in Algeria in a Parachute Unit, he asked a Muslim hotel night-porter in Algiers for a drink. The latter replied that it was after hours and he had not got the key of the cellar. M. Le Pen dragged the porter over to the nearest military post and had him ‘interrogated’ [tortured]. There is an official police summary of evidence to support this story which has been published in Verite-Liberte, June-July 1962.

Torture: cancer of democracy by Pierre Vidal-Naquet



watch me

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The national arboretum is looking glorious at the moment. I think this red number is a maple. Autumn Glorious.


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Firstly, we must recognise the significant advantage reggie has over your regular stand up; his physical appearance definately lends itself to his schtik. A small, slightly ratty face ENCIRCLED by a huge fro and fro-beard. Small, pudgy frame which is accentuated by an absolutely ginormous head. A bear-beaver-cartoon character creature, whose boppy movements, odd facial expressions and labrynthine humour is like nothing i have ever seen before. Say goodbye to foppy haired, suit wearing, middle class cynics. Hello small, fat, indian [?] mental patient.

In fact, Mr Watts was born in Germany to a french mother and African-American father, growing up in Montana and settling in Seattle until he moved to New York about 5 years ago to pursue his solo career. Originally trained in Jazz, Reggie uses his formidable voice and a loop machine like Dub FX [nb previous post] to create musical melodies. He is an avowed ‘disinformationist’, and enjoys disorientating his audience by focusing largely on improvisation. There is no subject or theme to his show. Stream of consiousness would be the best way to describe it but i’m sure that when most of us consider a stream of consiousness it does not entail using a plethora of sounds from you mouth and throat to create farcical music which is in fact incredibly enjoyable to listen to. Nor does it include talking gibberish. However, for Mr Watts, this is what seems to come from his mind, and god knows its funny. I mean, really really funny.

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F ornication

U nder

C onsent of the

K ing


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The Stranglers – Golden Brown

Grey Gardens

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Grey Gardens is the fly on the wall documentary made by the Maysles brothers. One of the first of its kind, the feature length docu-movie presents the life of Mrs Edie Bouvier Beale and her daughter Miss Edie Bouvier Beale, relations of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. The eccentric pair live as recluses in their east Hampton mansion on long island, new york. Originally, the brothers were hired by Lee Radziwill in 1972 to do a This is Your Life type cinematic portrait of her family. On the list of relatives to visit and/or interview was the rambling mansion Grey Gardens and the Beale duo. Once the brothers met the two women, of course, they realised what amazing subjects they could be. Radziwill lost interest and the brothers subsequently moved down to east Hampton, following the Beales around their home for 6 weeks during the summer of 1973.

The house, built in 1897, was bought by Phelan Beale and Edith Bouvier Beale in 1923. After Phelan left his wife in 1931, the mother and daughter lived there for several decades together in squalor and isolation. Despite their lofty social status as American aristocracy, they were impoverished. In late 1971 the house and its inhabitants were put under much-unwanted attention following a series of inspections by the Suffolk country health department due to the terrible living conditions. The house was infested with fleas from the Beales’ numerous cats, and racoons had invaded the attic, working their way through furniture and even walls. There was no running water. Under threat of eviction, and of the house being razed, Jacqueline Onassis stepped in and provided funds to restore the house to acceptable standards. Big Edie became terrified of leaving the house for fear of not being allowed back. The Maysles brothers were undoubtedly drawn to the sisters because of the controversy surrounding them at this point. The issue, and indeed the film brought to light the question of intervention, and whether people should be left to their own devices. This worked beautifully with the brothers’ technique of direct cinema, which allowed the woman to tell their own stories with absolutely no intervention from them whatsoever.

At the time of filming, Big Edie was 78 and Little Edie was 56. Still beautiful, Little Edie is startlingly whimsical and child like, and spends a large proportion of the film prancing about in her chic outfits and trade mark turban [which prompted a 9 page fashion spread in Harpers Bazaar and Italian Vogue], whiling away the days reminiscing about her bright and glamorous past and wishing for her Big Break and Big Romance. She returned to Grey Gardens in 1952, but repeatedly claims that this destroyed imminent opportunities of success in New York. However, when questioned why she did return, she states the quote from her grandfather Major Bouvier; “The hallmark of aristocracy is responsibility”. Both the women showed a strong sense of pride at their lineage and blood, and use this as an excuse for many of their lifes regrets. Big Edie spends most of her time sitting on her bed surrounded by relics of a time long past – an old portrait of her as a young girl, photos and records, boxes and scarves. The house is, indeed, a state, even with the women living in only 3 of the 28 rooms.

Their relationship extends much further than just mother and daughter. They are each others companion, partner, friend. They live a strange life of dependence and nostalgia that the film captures superbly. They bicker, shout, scream, laugh, chat, prattle and indeed flirt like characters out of a Fitzgerald novel. The documentation of this complex interchange presents regret, love, loss, abandonment. It is poignant and incredibly candid, and a testament not only to the skills of the brothers, but also their characters; that they were able to get so close to such an odd duo.The women are enlightening. They are individual, incredibly entertaining, completely and authentically eccentric and unique, and also terribly tragic, as their lives have been reduced to such squalor and isolation. They were both beauties, Big Edie wanted to be a singer, Little Edie a dancer. Both are romantics and clearly enjoy the company of men, with Little Edie dancing to the camera saying “oh Albert, where have you been all my life” to the camera man.

Big Edie died in 1977, following a fall and suffering pneumonia. She was 82. Little Edie passed way in 2002 after a heart attack. Despite allegations that the movie was exploitative and Little Edie schizophrenic, the Maylses’ documentary received overwhelming acclaim, and has evolved into a cult status among the documentary world, as a unique insight into two very extraordinary lives. The Beales loved the film and adored the Maysles brothers. As Little Edie calls it; “a classic”.

Grey Gardens the name comes from the color of the dunes which are adjacent to the garden, the cement garden walls and the grey sea mist.