El Secreto de sus Ojos

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Hello Argentinian cinema! Crime thriller extraordinaire, The Secret in Their Eyes has it all; great script [at least what i divined from the subtitles], flawless performances, impeccable costumes; love, loss, corruption, betrayal, violence, devotion and a shocking finale which brings to the fore the ethics of revenge.

Complex and intricate, the plot unfolds subtly through a series of flashbacks, false memories and the present day. The detective, Benjamin Esposito, is haunted by the release of the brutal rapist and murderer Isidoro Gomez, so 25 years after the case has been closed he decides to write a book about it, thus enabling the story to be told in its unconventional form, as Benjamin backtracks through the past in an attempt to put to rest this tragic case.

Benjamin seeks counsel from Irene Hastings, his lovely and distinguished superior who, we soon learn, is more than a friend and colleague. Benjamin and Irene’s tortuously un-realised love affair runs as a parallel to the relationship between the rapist and his victim. It is Benjamin’s apprehensive timidity, and the constant reminder that Irene is too good for him, that prevents them from being together until the very end of the film, 25 years after they fell in love. In contrast, Gomez’s dark and sinister obsession with the pretty Liliana Coloto results in her vicious and terrible murder. It is his eyes, constantly resting on his victims pretty face in a series of photos from their youth, which leads Benjamin to him. And so the two men’s lives are intertwined, and it is this contrast, between the unrequited, perverse and violent lust of one man, and the long-lasting, hesitant and deep love of another, which lends the film such a passionate backbone.

After all, it is passion which underlies the motives of every character. It is Gomez’s passionate obsession which leads to the crime around which the film orbits. It is Pablo Sandoval’s interpretation of the killer’s passion for football which leads them to finally tracking him down at a match. And it is Ricardo Morales’ passion for Liliana which leads him to dedicate his life to the retribution of his wife’s death. Benjamin awakes in the night near the beginning of the film and scrawls on a piece of paper, ‘temo’ – i’m afraid. At the end he inserts an ‘A’ in the middle, making it ‘Te Amo’ – i love you. And that is what this film evokes the most profoundly – how deeply the two are intertwined.


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The Contours – Do You Love Me


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Roxanne in Dub

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Breakbot [ft Irfane] – Baby I’m Yours

Did you know…

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…that the province of Beijing is the same size as Belgium?!