Boris Vian

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Boris Vian was a french writer, poet, musician, translator, critic, actor and engineer. He is most famous for his novels the first of which, “J’irai cracher sur vos tombes”,  he wrote in 15 days, and released as a translation of a novel by pseudonym Vernon Sullivan. He was in important influence of the french jazz scene, rubbed shoulders with Camus, Sartre, De Beauvoir, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis, and died at the screening of his first novel, the interpretation of which he had publicly denounced. His last words were supposedly “These guys are supposed to be American? My ass!”.



hard ass

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Emperor Selassie

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Born Tafari Makonnen in 1892, “His Imperial Majesty Hail Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Elect of God” was Ethiopia’s regent from 1916-1930, and Emperor from 1930-1974. After becoming Emperor he changed his name to Haile Selassie, which means Power of the Trinity.

Among the followers of the Rastafari movement, Haile Selassie is worshipped as god/Jah. The word Rastafari comes from the the title of Ras Tafari, which was Selassie’s title and name before he became emperor, meaning head (equivalent to Duke). The religious movement emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s under Marcus Garvey’s Pan Africanism. Not only is Haile Selassie seen as god, he is also seen as the Messiah who will lead the African people to freedom. They believe that he will lead the righteous in creating the perfect world; Zion, which would be the ultimate paradise for Rastas. The capital city of Ethiopia, New Jerusalem is often presented as the future capital city of Zion. In order to achieve Zion they would have to reject Babylon, aka, western society.

The rastafari’s faith in his incarnate divinity began after news reports of his coronation on November 2nd 1930. When Haile Selassie visited Jamaica in on April 21st 1966, 100,000 rastafari turned up at the Palisadoes Airport in Kingston. Grounation day became the second most important rastafarian holy day after Coronation Day.  Rita Marley converted to the faith after this visit as she claimed she saw stigmata on the emperors wrists – she would greatly influence Bob Marley and his music, who brought the rasta tradition to the fore of the public sphere through his music.  

Haile Selassie never confirmed or denied his divinity, but was not of the Rastafari religion, and was overwhelmed at his reception in 1966. He is said to have wanted to bring rasatafaris over to the Ethiopian church, and left a piece of land in Ethiopia for the use of Blacks from West indies.  

Rastas deny his death in 1975; they say that it is a hoax, that he is hiding in a monastery and will come out to liberate his followers when the time is right.

St Georges Day

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St george died on April 23rd (as far as we know) way back in 303AD. Since the 18th centurythe tradition of this national holiday has waned. St george is the dude from George and the Dragon, and was a knight and priest during his life. He is the patron saint for 10 countries including England, and 18 cities (including Rio and Barcelona!)

The day isn’t celebrated very much today but that might change with Boris Johnson’s pledge to reclaim the cross (red and white) from the British National Party and remove the stigma of this association.


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either they are completely lacking in social skills;

…or they wear too much make up…;

…or they are plain old suck ups;

Either way, none of them are inspiring, none of them are figure heads. Can we not have an Obama? Would a little charm and pzazz kill us? We need another churchill. What happened to a bit of eccentricity? Why is everyone so bbllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

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This morning, a builder gave me his last cigarette. He had nearly finished his, and i asked if he had a spare, and without hesitation he handed me his pack and insisted i have it. Made me think – imagine if everyone was willing to give away their last cigarette. Would probably solve poverty. Giving your last cigarette is a pretty nice thing to do. It means you have to go to the shop and buy yourelf another pack, and the liklihood that you will want that last cigarette before you get to the shop is probable. And it is completely acceptable to refuse to give someone a cig if you only have a couple left, let alone one.

Little gestures. S’all about the little gestures.

Weed Day

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yesterday was offical marijuana day, coined after californian high school kids would meet after class at 4.20 for a spliff in 1971.

Did you know…

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Audrey Hepburn performed ballet recitals to collect money for the dutch resistance during WW2.

Good girl.

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is the general term  for teenytiny particles which measure less 500 micro meters.

and yet – so much fucking disruption.

i hate dust.

long lost twins?

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Jack Kerouac and Daniel Craig – look kind of similar here, no?

Tom and Jerry

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I have always wondered if Tom and Jerry represent the ” Tommies ” (brits) and the ” Jerries ” (germans). They were produced around the Second World War. Strangely, it would seem that if their names were deliberate, then it is some kind of pro-nazi propaganda, as we sympathise with the clever, witty mouse: Jerry, not the mean, stupid cat; Tom.

Jerry comes from jerry can, which the germans invented. It is also said to be derived from the german helmet which was shaped like a chamber pot, otherwise knows as a jeroboam. It is also a derivitative of the word German (obviously).

Tommy or Tommy Aitkins (more often used in WW1) is said to be a generic name, Thomas and Aitkins which means ‘little son of red shirt’, in reference to the red shirts worn by soldiers in the 18th century. There are beliefs that it also comes from various valiant soldiers, like Private Thomas Atkins who, after being discovered wounded at the battle of Bostem in 1794 by the Duke of Wellington, exclaimed “its all right, sir. its all in a days work” before promptly dying. Also, the daring private who remained at his post during the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857, whose name as Tommy Atkins was used whenever a daring deed was done. Rudyard Kipling also published a poem called Tommy in 1892, and in 1893 there was a music hall song called Private Tommy Atkins. William Mcgonagall wrote Lines in Praise of Tommy Atkins in 1898 in response to Kiplings poem. Tommy Atkins was also apparently used as the example on the conscription sheet in WW1.

Other national nicknames incude Charlie for Vietnamese (coming from Victor Charlie – Viet Cong), Sammy for somalians and Ivan for Russians.

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bye bye summer?

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After the recent cancellations of flights in the UK due to the ash cloud which has made its way from the icelandic Eyjafjallajoekull glacier eruption that happened this past week, i wonder if we should be concerned that  “The bright sun [will be] extinguished”, as  Lord Byron wrote, after the eruption of Mt Tambora in 1815, whose ash cloud (from indonesia) caused a year without summer as well as the wide spread failure of harvests across europe.

Flights have been grounded all day because the ash can fuck up a plane engine, and is also not particularly helpful for visibilty. Thus the eloquent description of flying through an ‘ash plume’ in the 1982 eruption of Mount Galunggung in Java, Indonesia in 1982 by a BA pilot as;  “a bit like negotiating one’s way up a badger’s arse”



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this is for real!

Starry eyed

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(the remixes by jakwob and russ chimes are pretty sweet)


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Trust the french…

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These have been DRAWN with a bic pen!

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as in they are not photos.

i repeat – not photos. hand drawn. with a biro. by juan francisco casas