Amadou et Mariam

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Known as ‘the blind couple from Mali’, Amadou Bagayoko (55) and Mariam Doumbia (52) met at Mali’s institute for the young blind. Married in 1980, they continued to generate interest and support for their Afro-blues music. In 2004 Manu Chao produced an album for them called Dimanche à Bamako. The soft lilt of their french accents lends itself beautifully to their music. Even more so when you hear who they are and where they come from.

The words of this song are particularly lovely (as is the song itself);

Amadou et Mariam – Je Pense a Toi


Moulin de la Galette

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Painted by renoir and van gogh among many others, this iconic windmill is one of two which remains from the original clusters which were in the village of montmartre in the 18th century.

Previously a dancing hall and gathering place for locals, travellers and artists, it is now an up market restaurant.


He’s a scat man…

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Mel Tormé – you know that christmas song called The Christmas Song – ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire…’ – he wrote that when he was 19, in 1944. In the same year he formed Mel Tormé and His Meltones. Nicknamed ‘the velvet frog’, he went on to become a renowned jazz singer and was accredited by Ethel Walters as “the only white man who sings with the soul of a black man”.

John and Yoko’s bed in

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happened today, 42 years ago. They spent a week in bed in the Hilton in Amsterdam and invited the press into their room from 9am to 9pm every day to protest against the Vietnam war.

they did the same thing in Montreal 2 months later.

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a dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you

– Francoise Sagan (author of Bonjour Tristesse)

the 27 club

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Always found it strange that so many Greats have passed at the age of 27 – what is it about this age? Is this the frontier between being young and old? Is there some cosmic force that stops these figureheads of the heady romance of youth from crossing over to the grey shades of adulthood?

Whatever it is, its uncanny;

Robert Johnson (august 1938)

Brian Jones (july 1963)

Jimi Hendrix (september 1970)

Janis Joplin (october 1970)

Jim Morrison (july 1971)

Kurt Cobain (april 1994)

and at least 35 more…….

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Bassnectar – Magical World [ft Nelly Furtado]

i like

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Saw Lee Scratch Perry at the Elysee Montmartre on his 74th birthday, along with Max Romeo, the Congos and Adrian Sherwood; all artists that have been produced by Perry (along with Bob Marley and the Wailers, the Heptones, Junior Byles and Junior Murvin).

Renowned for being instrumental in the creation of the reggae and dub sound, this was a pretty pivotal concert, and Perry didnt fail to deliver. With fuschia hair, a cap topped with a crystal ball, and trainers with huge mirrors on the lip, he lived up to his eccentric reputation.


Young Victoria

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Ok fine, it is a romantic period drama, but Queen Vic is really such a splendid character, and so infamously strong that seeing her tenderised like a filet mignon is very enjoyable. Perfect casting of Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend as Victoria and Albert, amazing costumes, great set…very well done.

In terms of being true to life, there are a few dramatisations [Albert never took a bullet for the Queen], but, a lot of the really great scenes are allegedly fact – Victoria did refuse to sign the regency when she was sick, and King William did publicly insult the Duchess [Victoria’s mother] at Windsor. And, a large part of said speech [delivered flawlessly by Jim Broadbent as the English Eccentric old King] is what was actually said! [and maybe they weren’t movie star good looking but its a film, it works better that way…]

The story ends on a sad note as we are informed [or at least those of is who didnt know…] that albert died only 21 years into their happy marriage in 1861 from typhoid fever. The Queen wore black from that day forth and had his clothes laid out every morning. Even for those hard of heart, that is sweet.

Victoria died in 1901, after reigning for 63 years as Queen of England.

Girl Power!

Mathieu Boogaerts

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This isn’t at all my favourite song but it is the man himself [balding very french white dude], at the venue i saw him, plus the Super Cool Zaf Zapha providing a really low voice and some groovy bass.

A medley of funk, reggae, and folk and a perfect [and pretty rare] example of  french humour at its best. And great tunes to boot.

The french answer to Flight of the Conchords –


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Did you know…

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Whats Eating Gilbert Grape

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Always thought Gilbert was Leo Di Caprio and what was eating his grape was a reference to his mental disabilities…

In fact, Jonny Depp is Gilbert Grape – sullen, ginger, small town do-gooder who loves and looks after his younger, mentally handicapped brother Arnie Grape (Leo). Made in 1993, WEGG is seriously vintage right about now, and largely enjoyable because of the sweet tones of the 90s that permeate it (all check shirts and converse). 19 year old Di Caprio’s performance is well worth the golden globe and academy award nominations it received; as Kirk Lazarus tells Tugg Speedman in Tropic Thunder –

Everybody knows you never go full retard…Check it out. Dustin Hoffman, ‘Rain Man,’ look retarded, act retarded, not retarded. Counted toothpicks, cheated cards. Autistic, sho’. Not retarded. You know Tom Hanks, ‘Forrest Gump.’ Slow, yes. Retarded, maybe. Braces on his legs. But he charmed the pants off Nixon and won a ping-pong competition. That ain’t retarded. Peter Sellers, “Being There.” Infantile, yes. Retarded, no. You went full retard, man. Never go full retard. You don’t buy that? Ask Sean Penn, 2001, “I Am Sam.” Remember? Went full retard, went home empty handed…never go full retard.

Juliette Lewis is pretty as Gilberts love interest but her voice is so goddam whiney it is hard to bear sometimes. And very strange haircut.

I LOVE John C Reilly.

A feel good movie – aint nothin wrong with that.


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I’m really feeling minstrels at the moment. Its that hint of salt in the chocolate, and crunch before the good stuff. Not normally a chocolate kind of gal but boy oh boy aint nothing going to stop me getting to my minstrels today…

Also, is it not really quite politically incorrect that they are named after this –


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On May Day, just after leaving her fiancé, 23-year-old Evelyn McHale wrote a note. ‘He is much better off without me … I wouldn’t make a good wife for anybody,’ … Then she crossed it out. She went to the observation platform of the Empire State Building. Through the mist she gazed at the street, 86 floors below. Then she jumped. In her desperate determination she leaped clear of the setbacks and hit a United Nations limousine parked at the curb. Across the street photography student Robert Wiles heard an explosive crash. Just four minutes after Evelyn McHale’s death Wiles got this picture of death’s violence and its composure.

Groove Armada

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I salute you, Andy Cato and Tom 

Went to see Groove at Elysee Montmartre on monday, with new vocalist SaintSaviour who was so cool; gold sequin jumpsuit with tassle wings – carrying off what Karen O channels but with way more Scandy Style (i dont even know if she is from Scandinavia it just seemed that way). And Mike Daniels finishing things off with Superstylin‘ was just Off.The.Chain.

Perfect way to spend an evening – all the fun of going out but with none of the exertion as you are tucked up in bed by midnight (err hello grandma)

lazers are so great.

Maybe T.Burton isn’t such a G after all…

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In french, “Alice in Wonderland” = “Alice au pays de Merveilles”. Well, the film very unfortunately does not present you with a “pays de merveilles”, nor a Wonderland . Giant mushrooms and crooked tree branches – been there, done that. This is supposed to go in all directions, and break every rule. Avatar was more other-wordly.

Rated PG, the dark (and best) bits of the story are abandoned and you are left with a pretty linear, and pretty lame girl-beats-monster-and-goodness-wins fairytale — really not what you think you are going to get when you go see Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. The studio’s influence dominates, as the magnificence of Carroll’s twisted realm is forgotten and instead things are very much geared towards attracting as many spoilt little popcorn guzzling kiddies rather than actually doing the story justice. You expect as much from Disney, but not from “renegade” Tim Burton.

The costumes and casting are top notch, as are the performances. I really enjoyed the first bit in the real world, where life’s eccentricities are highlighted and mocked with humour and panache [eg – Hamish, alice’s suitor] and the characters are mirrored by those in Wonderland [which, incidentally, is the only hint that what happens is in fact not real]. Matt Lucas is very amusing as both tweedle dum and dee, and Helene Bonham Carter’s rendition of her toddler-daughter [supposed inspiration for the red queen] was perfectly pugnacious. Depp’s choice to make the Hatter schizophrenic was a good move, though it only highlighted how very sinister things could have been. The Hatter Futterwacken dance was completely ridiculous; i sincerely hope there is some private joke involved. 

When it comes to completley distorting reality, surprisingly, Burton fails.

3D is a waste of time too

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Mel Tormé  – I’m Coming Home

tragedy of our times

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elephants being mowed down by trains

a bloody goods train in india killed two elephants a few days ago, which is not the first time such a travesty has occured.

one of the female elephants was severly injured and gave birth to a baby boy shortly before expiring.

its not like i am a crazed animal rights activist but it seems a bit frikking loopy that these animals which have been around for fuck-knows-how-long are being forced to move out of their natural habitats to find food/water because of deforestation and poaching.

not only are elephants pretty awesome beasts, they are also thought to be among the most intelligent animals living in india and are known to experience trauma and emotion.